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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Website-Development-ProjectRunning a web store is a lot more involved than many web designers would have you believe. Successful store have thought the entire process though from start to finish and have the correct systems in place to make sure it not only works but is profitable and streamlined. 

We at the Mouse Pad have not only designed 100s web stores and Ecommerce sites, we have also run a number of them for many years. We know and understand all the issues and problems that a customer might come across. 

  • Can I bulk import 100s or 1000s of products?
  • Do I have to resize all my own images?
  • What if I dropship, do I have to control that manually or can my cart do it for me?
  • What about dropship fees?
  • What about calculating shipping costs from different dropship warehouses?
  • I use a 3rd party warehouse for fulfillment, can they receive orders automatically and update customer tracking?
  • What are best practices to ensure the lowest abandoned carts possible?
  • Can the cart link to Quickbooks to sync my prices, inventory and product ?
  • How can I easily reconcile all these charges and fees from the store ?
  • How do I manage customer service, so that anyone on staff can follow though with questions ?
  • What if about fraudulent orders ?

Conisder this... You ship your own product from South Florida but dropship 3rd party products from California. The store is calculating shipping costs from South Florida and not including the drop ship fee. Suddenly that product should be making you $30, is costing you $20 and you don't even know it until you start reconciling everything. 

That's just a taste. There are many other things to think about and we make it as easy as possible by making asking the right questions and providing you with the most comprehensive job estimate possible. 


Development Process 

  1. Meet and assess full needs.
  2. Draft a complete specifications of the project and produce a cost estimate.
  3. Produce a concept design of the home and follow on pages.
  4. Tweak or redesign as needed to your needs.
  5. Develop the site.
  6. Develop the Mobile version of the site.
  7. Bulk import products.
  8. Initial customer training to update and edit products.
  9. Implement merchant account, shipping and other 3rd party modules.
  10. Begin beta testing.
  11. 2nd training session on back end systems and order processing.
  12. Optimize performance and lock down the site.
  13. Setup Google analytics, webmaster tools and mechant services. Sync products with Google.
  14. Launch!
  15. Support first orders and walk customer though the process.
  16. Evaluate performance and track results.
  17. Host, support and maintain the site.

Depending on the the time it takes to get design approvals and gather all the information and photography, you can expect the entire process to take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. 

Development Tools 

Our Ecommerce shopping carts are built on the rock solid Magento platform, used by over 150,000 business's including companies like Office Depot, Nike, North Face and others. We are expert Magento developers and know the system inside and out. Not only can we customize it, exactly to your needs but we are even capable of developing modules specific to your needs.

All our hosting is on our own dedicated servers, hosted the largest service providers on in the country, Rackspace and Hostgator. These are backed up daily and secured by the best firewalls and security available. Your site and data is safe with us.

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